BPC Showcase 2016: Stilton and Spacesuits & Rocks that Bleed – review

Reflecting on two student plays at the Wardrobe for Epigram.

Cage the Elephant interview: “I’m definitely drawn in by the lure of people loving …

Learning from Cage the Elephant frontman Matt Shultz at the Bierkeller for Epigram.

Clean Cut Kid interview: “We just think we’re quite boring!”

Meeting Liverpudlian four-piece Clean Cut Kid at the Marble Factory for Epigram.

Do we really have to give him an Oscar?

Dissecting DiCaprio, the Oscars and The Revenant for Epigram.

2015: handled with love and to be stored with care

Looking back on the year in movies, with love.

Bit keen?

Considering keenness, calculation and frustration for Into the Fold.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – good guys or just fakes in latex?

A critical study of Marvel’s latest outing for a university project.