One in a Kajillion: Miranda July on Kajillionaire

Welcome to the world of Miranda July: marshmallow-pink soap bubbles leak through the walls, love is transactional, Bobby Vinton’s ‘Mr. Lonely’ is our national anthem. The indomitable and elusive auteur—also performance artist, actor, novelist, mother and musician—has gifted the world her third feature as director, Kajillionaire, a heist movie, love story and family portrait all wrapped up in a delicate, if a little lopsided, bow.

July stays firmly behind the camera here, after taking lead roles in her first two feature-length films, Me And You And Everyone We Know and The Future. But the filmmaker’s voice is so sharp that her absence is never felt, as we watch Evan Rachel Wood, Gina Rodriguez, Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins bring her story to life. “There’s lots of parts of my other movies I’m not in, and if anything it’s a hassle when I’m in it,” July tells us over the telephone. “My leading ladies were one hundred percent dedicated here, whereas I would have to shift back and forth, so there’s really no sense of loss.”

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