Rocks: meet the cast and crew of 2020’s best teen drama

Towards the end of NME’s conversation with the team behind new drama Rocks – stars Bukky Bakray and Kosar Ali, director Sarah Gavron and second unit director Anu Henriques – Gavron makes a request. She wants to stress how collaborative the film was, and asks if terms like “Sarah Gavron’s Rocks” or “Rocks by Sarah Gavron” can be avoided. “’Directed by’ is one thing, but authorship is another one entirely,” she explains.

Produced, supported and acted by an army of young, diverse women from London, Rocks is the story of a teenage girl (Bakray) who struggles to look after her younger brother when their single mum takes off one morning. Left with no choice but to fend for themselves, she turns to her ever-reliable school friends (led by Ali’s Sumaya) for help. What follows is a raw and hopeful coming-of-age story, powered by a dynamic debut performance from Bakray.

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