Every Christopher Nolan film, ranked

Stories of love, war, heroes, villains, dreams and sleepless nights make up the world of Christopher Nolan, which in turn has come to define so much of ours. The British filmmaker is prolific, precise, and has been steering us towards a new kind of epic cinema for close to two decades. With Nolan, each new film arrives as a major event – an exercise in expansion, in dreaming bigger, in pushing cinema to its very limits.

Now, delayed three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tenet has finally made it to the big screen, just when it began to seem like an impossibility – and has been saddled as the saviour of cinema. But how does the time inversion thriller compare with the rest of this filmmaker’s canon? Does Tenet have what it takes? To find out, here are Christopher Nolan’s 11 films to date, ranked from worst to best.

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