Time After Time: Cristin Milioti on Palm Springs

About 10 minutes into my conversation with Cristin Milioti, she starts apologising, profusely. “My brain right now is complete porridge.” The Palm Springs actress has asked me to repeat a question about working with the Lonely Island guys. It’s probably my fault too. Our interview is taking place over the phone, it’s late at night, the connection crackles every now and then. We’re both a little scattered, but we’re doing our best. It’s movies; watching and talking and writing and feeling things about them, but in lockdown. 

Palm Springs is an accidentally timely and moving film to be watching in the time of coronavirus. It’s a riff on Groundhog Day, rewiring the equation from the inside out – there’s a time-loop, except instead of one person getting stuck in it, there are two. It’s witty and wise, sometimes weird, often charming and occasionally heartbreaking. Milioti, who plays Sarah, is brimming with praise for her collaborators, and for this character. But, like the rest of us, COVID has got to her a little bit as well. 

Read the full interview at Girls on Tops

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