Every single Coldplay song ranked in order of greatness

When you come to appraise the 20+ years of Coldplay material on offer – music written by the four people who forced the world to invent new synonyms for “heartbreak” – a study of every single Coldplay track actually teases out much more nuance and variety than the straightforward moans and groans of some of the saddest guys in the business might suggest.

Comprising of Will Champion on drums, Jonny Buckland on guitar, Guy Berryman on bass and Chris Martin on vocals – and, when he fancies it, guitar, piano and whatever else he can find — Coldplay have often been cocky, sometimes political but always furiously fascinating. From embracing indie rock to trying out nu jazz — and dipping their toes into electropop and EDM as well — they’ve also always been hungry to have a go at anything and everything when they get to it in the studio.

To celebrate 20 years since the release of their still-great debut album ‘Parachutes’ on July 10, 2000, behold: a full, colourful, impassioned ranking of every single Coldplay song to date.

Read the full ranking at NME

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