Laura Marling ‘Song For Our Daughter’ review – a lifeline for turbulent times

We are living, we keep being told, through uncertain times. Routines have been upended, each day feeling unstable and insecure. Any hint of regularity – crucially that which is enjoyable – has become essential. Enter Laura Marling’s seventh album, ‘Song For Our Daughter’. The release is something of a surprise, a burst of novelty within the new normal. Across 10 air-tight tracks, meticulously crafted and elegantly delivered, it’s an absolute triumph.

“In light of the change to all our circumstances, I saw no reason to hold back on something that, at the very least, might entertain, and at its best, provide some sense of union,” Marling has said of the decision to release the album ahead of schedule. It’s a generous move – thinking of fans’ relief over personal rewards. The record is presented as a love letter to Marling’s imaginary daughter, but – even more than that – it’s addressed to another figure: “The Girl,” as Marling calls her. The Girl could be you and she could be me; she is every woman listening back. As Marling has said, she “might be lost, torn from innocence prematurely or unwittingly fragmented by forces that dominate society”.

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