Circa Waves ‘Sad Happy’ review – hope and despair fuel this double album

With ‘Sad Happy’, Circa Waves are aiming for growth while staying true to themselves. Contradictory? For sure, and that’s the driving force behind the double record. This is the product of a band acutely aware of their place in the indie rock ecosystem. “We were inspired by how quickly pop and hip-hop move and didn’t want to be left behind,” frontman Kieran Shudall told NME last year. “We felt like alternative music needed a quicker turnaround.”

The Liverpudlian four-piece have been kicking since 2013, scoring adverts and filling summer festival slots with breezy guitar bangers. Their debut, ‘Young Chasers’, remains their staple record – floor-to-ceiling feel good tracks that set the bar for digestible indie rock. Follow-up albums ‘Different Creatures’ and ‘What’s It Like Over There’ edged away from their uncomplicated sound, but it was to the band’s detriment, as the strength of their songwriting only became further diluted. ‘Sad Happy’ gives Circa Waves ample room to experiment with their sound, while rekindling so much of what sky rocketed them to success in the first place.

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