The Pursuit of Happiness: Emily Beecham on dangerous womanhood in Little Joe

In a very quiet lab in London, the dangerous blush of a new kind of plant is growing. We’re under the watchful eye of Alice, an ambitious and important plant breeder on a mission to engineer happiness. Little Joe sees Austrian auteur Jessica Hausner make her English-language debut, with a peculiar and incisive portrait of a woman finding her bearings in her own mind. 

Emily Beecham, who plays Alice, won the Best Actress prize in Cannes for her performance. It’s easy to see why – every inch of her character is sharp and alert, a curious example of a mother and an individual coming to terms with her independence: professionally, emotionally, philosophically. We spoke about uncomfortable humour, the sexual power of a haircut, and the possibilities of taoism and gaslighting to get to the root of the film.

Read the full interview on Girls on Tops

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