Birds of Prey review – corrosive, smartly distaff fun

If there is one thing to know about Harley Quinn, it is that her heart is broken. This doesn’t make her weak or pitiful, but it’s a wound that cannot be underestimated. When you’ve grown up holding another person’s hand, standing next to and ever so slightly behind them, the moment you let go and walk on your own, it can take a while to find your balance.

Margot Robbie’s frenetic, bombastic anti-heroine character from Suicide Squad is given a post-breakup solo film here, after splitting from the Joker. It’s not an origin story or a sequel though, as Birds of Prey stands for the future, for a new era beyond the framework determined by Harley’s former lover – or any other man holding the puppet strings in this comic book world, for that matter.

This is an anatomically distaff film, but it benefits from a singular intensity, an audacity that makes it impossible to dismiss as just a recycled spin-off or box-ticking diversity token.

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