The Comet Is Coming review – a mystical, mind-muddling night of apocalyptic neo-jazz

There are big floodlights facing the audience for The Comet Is Coming at the O2 in Shepherd’s Bush, and maybe two tracks in, they decide to blind us. “Maybe” feels like the operative word, as the three-piece’s set is loose and indulgent, letting neat recordings overflow for as long as the trio can physically keep up onstage. It goes on for a while.

King Shabaka, Danalogue and Betamax regally man the saxophone, keyboard and drums respectively. They’re a monstrously talented trio, and each musician’s stance seldom changes throughout the show. King Shabaka physically coils over his instrument, embodying something between a scream of pain and extreme pleasure.

Danalogue looks so violently involved with his synths that it’s a fear he could knock himself out head-banging. Betamax is more restrained, as a character, but his performing contribution is anything but. He keeps his head down while the astronomical speed of his hands and feet sets the pace on snare, bass drums and tom-toms.

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