Stepping Out Of A Dream: An interview with Alma Har’el

Sometimes when you interview a person you admire, it can feel like the meeting never happened. You mechanically did your duty, asked your questions, and they did theirs, answering politely. Minds can feel worlds away, a handshake can hold little tactile feeling. It’s as though there’s some kind of gauze between the journalist and the artist, where neither party dares step over the line to actually connect.

Alma Har’el would never let this happen. From the little time I spent with her, she struck me as an immensely dedicated person. She’s a wise, thoughtful artist. In her mission to create opportunities for artists with her talent discovery platform Free The Work, and every loving detail that pours from her online presence, Har’el works selflessly. With Honey Boy, all these ideas come together – creating a sensitive, deeply stirring portrait of youth in transition. 

Read the full interview on Girls on Tops

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