Coldplay Everyday Life review – their best album to-date

I’ve loved Coldplay for a long time. On Desert Island Discs, “Yellow” would be one of mine. But nearly 20 years since Parachutes, we all have more on our mind. Coldplay’s new release, Everyday Life, their eighth, is a mature double album with 16 songs that feels confident for the band, generous to fans and provoking enough for sceptics who still dismiss them as vanilla.

It sounds familiar and foreign at once; Middle Eastern influences sit with synthesised beats and there’s a glorious cacophony of old and new. When “Trouble In Town” begins, it immediately marks the album as Coldplay’s most political, putting their mouth where their money is: singing about police brutality, including a soundbite of the Philadelphia cop who was rightly dismissed for “idiotic behaviour”, and storming into their finest compositions for years. Violins soar, piano chords rumble, percussions explode.

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