Charlie’s Angels review – attractive and focused glamour

Niceties are taken care of from the get-go: “I think women can do anything,” Kristen Stewart’s Sabina Wilson tells a rich man she quickly ends up swindling. There was the fear that a new spin on Charlie’s Angels could have fallen into a trap of performative, derivative feminism — but Elizabeth Banks’ film puts its money where its mouth is, as these women do do so much, as well as just thinking about it.

The premise is the same as ever: Charlie, never seen, only heard over an intercom, runs an agency of spies, assassins, masterminds. These are his angels. We meet two, hired on the same job, but certainly nowhere near soul sisters. There’s Sabina, a sly but also silly rebel with a criminal record and enough comedic energy to power an entire country, and Jane (Balinska), a ruthless and devoted former MI6 agent — show-stopping newcomer Balinska really should be considered on the day when Bond finally is played by a woman.

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