Last Christmas review – smart and sweet festive newcomer

Do you remember the last time you watched a genuinely excellent – new – Christmas film? Was it 2003, or 2004? It feels like a lifetime since something with the lucid and smart compassion of Last Christmas came along – and the world is now all the more joyful for it.

The film finds a simple starting point in its namesake. In 1986, Wham! released a song called Last Christmas, since covered into oblivion. It’s with this material that Dame Emma Thompson wrote a script, passed it over to playwright du jour Bryony Kimmings, and sent it off to director Paul Feig to bring it to life. It’s a somewhat puzzling origin, but the resulting film is light on its feet and goes down as easily as a cup of warm (never too hot) and sweet (but never sickly) mulled wine.

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