Lucas Hedges and Noah Jupe on why they aren’t just Sad Boys in Honey Boy

To tell the story of one boy in pain, Shia LaBeouf needed the help of two actors to bring him to life. “I wanted Shia to love me,” says Lucas Hedges. He plays Otis Lort, age 22, in Honey Boy, the film written by LaBeouf and loosely based on his years as a child actor, detailing his rising star and a fraying relationship with his father. Otis is the onscreen proxy for LaBeouf, and his journey is framed between two decades.

Noah Jupe, who plays Otis at 12 years old, was less familiar with LaBeouf before joining the project. “I didn’t really know Shia,” he confesses. “I knew of his name, because it’s so specific, but I was mostly attracted to the character and the story — the way [Shia] writes is incredible.” Opposite the two young actors respectively is LaBeouf himself, playing a character based on his father.

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