The King review – Chalamet’s indulgent, uneven epic

He’s only truly been in the spotlight just shy of two years, and yet Timothée Chalamet seems to have already reached a point in his career where the news of his casting in a Shakespeare adaptation prompts nothing more than a bit of a shoulder shrug, one that welcomes the project but is hardly concerned about his suitability for the role. A young wayward prince? Sure, worldwide talent and object of desire, third-youngest Oscar nominee in history – please take a seat.

The actor plays King Henry V of England in David Michôd’s The King – an ambitious, serious adaptation of several plays from Shakespeare’s Henriad; Henry IVParts 1 & 2, and Henry V. Michôd builds a greyscale world of opulence and responsibility, as Chalamet’s Hal is thrust to the throne following the death of his father (Ben Mendelsohn, suitably regal as Henry IV).

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