Hustlers review – incendiary female battlecry

‘For one last moment, everything was so glamorous and cool’. Destiny, Constance Wu’s character in Hustlers, levels with the audience roughly a third of the way into the film. From a distance, the glittering lights of writer-director Lorene Scafaria’s latest film, based on the viral New York Magazine article, suggest a hedonistic picture of vice and excess, one that lives for the night and gives its guests the best time of their life.

It’s not that this doesn’t happen, but it quickly becomes clear that the glitter of the dance only scratches the surface of what’s at stake. There’s a level-headed agenda at the root of this project – at once from the women making the movie as much as the ones who lived the drama in the first place. The story starts in 2007 and meets its end in 2013, spanning the rise and fall of a group of strip club employees pulling a fur-clad Robin Hood coup on their Wall Street clients, men who made it to the top of the world by stealing money and stepping over whoever they needed to. These women have come to blow their minds, and then knock them down.

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