Ring theory: GLOW grapples with the arrival fallacy

There are now 30 episodes of the high-pitched, fast-paced Netflix series fictionalising the 1980s female wrestling circuit, GLOW: the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. Once upon a time, an eclectic group of women found themselves auditioning for an untraditional TV show. Now, after two seasons of challenging emotional labour and physical performance, the ladies and gentlemen of the GLOW family have achieved success.

In the first season, they found their characters and gelled as an unconventional family unit [► Recap]. In season 2, the goal was to find an audience, to convince the world of their worth [► Recap]. And after that? A happy ending would have snuffed out the melodramatic plot twists that keep the binge-loving fans watching. But season 3 offers something much smarter than just another breakdown.

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