“There’s a part of us that’s animal”: Meeting Josephine Decker and Helena Howard

When I met Josephine Decker and Helena Howard, we all cried. I had seen Madeline’s Madeline a couple of days before, and tried to thoroughly plan what I was going to ask the director and lead actor about their intoxicating film.

There’s so much to process in the film about the knotty ideas of performance, art, loyalty, manipulation, teenage girlhood and strained relationships. I was going to ask them about storytelling, about the technicalities of filming a person’s mind, and about the experience of touring your baby creative project around the world to celebrate it.

But then we went deeper, things got more personal, and it felt really right. Madeline’s Madeline is a slippery film, audacious and often confusing, but one with the most white-hot beating heart I’ve experienced in a cinema in a long time. It felt urgent to talk about our homes, our loves, our mothers. The things that keep us afloat beyond the stories we tell ourselves to hide them.

Read the full interview on Girls on Tops

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