Captain Marvel review – sceptically safe origin story

It’s one thing for a tide to turn, but a whole other matter to understand where the wind is coming from. Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – the eponymous hero is supposed to be the person to change the game, the one who will fight higher, further, faster.

And she does – at least, she’s trying to remember how she still can. Carol Danvers (with a wincingly on-the-nose code name) is a pilot, a fighter on a planet called Kree, an unapologetic figure trying to, well, figure out who she is. The intrigue around her identity comes from the fact that she trains up as the mentee of shifty alien commander Yonn-Rogg (an enigmatic and somewhat exotic Jude Law) but can’t remember how she got there.

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