The House That Jack Built: double-take review

Published alongside a five-star review of the same film by another Culture Whisper colleague.

Violence is everywhere, and evil flows in and out of our lives – whether it’s deserved has little to no impact. Lars von Trier knows this, and he builds the foundations of his film as a mirror to the world he sees. Punishment doesn’t always guarantee redemption, and if it looked like the director was on the road to damnation in 2011, he’s now found hell and is inviting everyone inside.

Jack (Matt Dillon) is talking to Verge (Bruno Ganz) – who could be anyone from a friend, to a doctor or a heavenly spirit above. It doesn’t sound like an apology or a confession. Jack is telling the story of the murders that allowed his career to shift, from engineer to serial killer, in a way that satisfies his mind and hones his skills like nothing else could. They discuss the power of art, the morals of life, the definition of an icon. They’re the ones speaking, narrating a vacant screen at first, but both voices just sound like von Trier.

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