How Wildlife and Widows reclaim the riches of a woman scorned

With the release of Widows, a female-fronted heist thriller from visual artist-turned-director Steve McQueen, and Wildlife, a portrait of suburban grief revealing the disquiet of a restless mother and wife, there’s a word which lights up discussions with a flashing red glare: “timely”.

It’s an urgent moment to be telling stories about women, for women, that audiences can relate to and feel inspired by. These stories come into a world that has been taught about the infamous Strong Female Character – an easy name given to a woman who takes up more room on screen than the average sidekicks and love interests, by offering inspirational but still two-dimensional qualities of heroism. The Strong Female Character stands up for herself and speaks as loud as she fights. She’s cool, she’s sexy and brave – she’s not like your average weak woman.

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