Mid90s review – Jonah Hill’s chutzpah-ridden nostalgia

Is it gay to say “Thank you”? Can black people get sunburnt? Would you rape your parents if you had to?

I’m not the person asking these questions. The pack of scrappy, early teen boys in Mid90s go back and forth with problematically curious triggers to prove themselves cooler, without minding what any of it means. No one is worried about offending. They just want to fit in.

Stevie (Sunny Suljic) is smaller than the other kids. He’s smaller than his brother Ian (Lucas Hedges), which means he’s easier to chuck around; against the wall, into the floor, off his skateboard with only his backbone to break his fall. He’s a skinny, grinning 13-year-old who walks into a skate shop and sees an opportunity. If he hangs around for long enough and falls harder than the rest, they’ll have to think he’s cool, right?

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