Netflix’s Set It Up is not your average millennial rom-com

There’s something simultaneously frustrating and soothing about cookie-cutter rom-coms like Set It Up. On the one hand they follow an unexciting, formulaic template which no longer holds any surprises. On the other, there’s no removing the Chill element of a true Netflix session – meaning that a sense of familiarity, when it feels comfortable, does the job of entertaining incredibly well.

Claire Scanlon’s Manhattan meet-cute could have gone either way. Two overworked (but no less fresh-faced) assistants hatch a plan to set up their cartoonishly tyrannical bosses in order to enjoy their own lives again. Harper (Zoey Deutch) is an aspiring journalist, clumsy and cute, running in circles around ESPN titan Kirsten Stevens (Lucy Liu). Charlie (Glen Powell) works in a nondescript finance role as an assistant to his highly-strung boss, Rick (Taye Diggs). On one of many stressful late shifts, Harper and Charlie cross paths over a catastrophic dinner order and soon a plan forms. Joking about aligning the stars that are currently controlling their lives, the only thing that can set the assistants free, it seems, is love. Some kind of love that totally doesn’t involve either of them, of course.

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