Sauvage review – hunt for love brimming with passion

Among the prizes up for grabs in Cannes, 15 films this year are competing for the Queer Palm, an independent award which recognises the treatment of LGBT themes across the programme. Sauvage, the debut feature by film studies professor-turned-director Camille Vidal-Naquet, offers an entry with a skin-prickling energy that remains – regardless of what it might take home.

In an entirely handheld (but always precise) frame, Leo (Felix Maritaud) wanders the streets of Strasbourg. He’s looking for, and looking to sell, love. A role play doctor, a man in a wheelchair and an ageing widower craving to be held; Leo’s clients are as curiously fascinating as his body is welcoming. There are no forgettable people or unnecessary events. Vidal-Naquet’s script is sharp, brimming with passion across a lean 97 minutes.

Full review on Little White Lies

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