Isle of Dogs review – zippy rough-and-tumble

If you’re wondering whatever happened to man’s best friend, salvation has come for us all in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. A zippy and ambitious stop-motion adventure, the return of beloved indie royalty opened the 2018 Berlin Film Festival with a bark, not a whimper.

While Anderson is no stranger to animation following his wonderfully charming Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), there’s noticeable maturity in the beauty of this film’s world — despite it being made of garbage. In a dystopian Japan of the future, dogs have been banished to Trash Island following a widespread epidemic of “canine flu.” In the heat of political uproar, a young boy, Atari (Koyu Rankin), travels to the island in search of his dog. Helped by a grumpily vibrant pack, deftly led by Rex (Edward Norton) and Chief (Bryan Cranston), a rough-and-tumble search for friendship and belonging ensues.

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