Another male director quits ‘Star Wars’ – could it be time for a woman to step in?

Only months after the untitled Han Solo project lost its directing duo (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller), it’s just been revealed that director Colin Trevorrow has left Star Wars: Episode IX

The sequel, set for a May 2019 release, had began production when Lucasfilm released a statement on Jurassic World director Trevorrow’s exit from the project:

“Colin has been a wonderful collaborator throughout the development process but we have all come to the conclusion that our visions for the project differ. “

The pattern emerging here not only supports Lucasfilm’s somewhat ruthless reputation, but it also highlights a clear niche for change – what if the same mistakes could be avoided with a bit of a gender-based switch up?

Perhaps the biggest franchise in the world is still just missing the best new trick by giving a woman a seat in the directing chair for the next Star Wars project. Lucasfilm, if you’re reading this and don’t know where to start – here’s an introductory selection of women who would do a fine job at the helm of any upcoming Star Wars movie.

Patty Jenkins 

No surprises here – if it ain’t broke, let her try Star Wars. Patty Jenkins proved her worth and showed everyone just how much a woman can do in mainstream Hollywood on Wonder Woman, potentially one of the most successful and entertaining movies of the year.

As the franchise is frankly living its best life since its resurrection with The Force Awakens, Jenkins feels like the natural successor to take the franchise into the next stage of Hollywood greats.

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Mimi Leder 

A stranger to some but an icon to many, Mimi Leder is best known for her work on the small screen with The Leftovers. Anyone who was lucky enough to see the show can vouch for its outstanding depiction of human relationships, as well as its skillful craft of making the supernatural feel spine-tingling.

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Star Wars is at its best when it celebrates and cherishes its genuine relationships as well as providing impressive VFX – this feels like the silver screen opportunity Leder was born for.

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay really can do no wrong. The directing powerhouse has shown her strength with the groundbreaking Netflix documentary 13th, to now working on a mini series on the infamous Central Park Five assault case.

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Dipping her toe in Disney’s water with the fantastical A Wrinkle in Time, there’s clearly no project too big for DuVernay. The beloved classic is set to see a new life – not dissimilar to the one any future Star Wars installments could have, were they to be handed over to the director.

Lynne Ramsay

Already in the spotlight and showing no signs of leaving anytime soon, Lynne Ramsay was at the helm of the staggering psychological thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin. She’s currently directing Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming You Were Never Really Here, yet again promising a searing portrait of the contemporary male in turmoil.

While the untitled Hans Solo project found its replacement in the every trusty Ron Howard, just imagine the stakes of a Lynne Ramsay-directed Kylo Ren origins feature… Deep, dark and incredibly daring, we’d be fully available for that movie.

Also, we can’t be the only ones to notice the uncanny similarities between Kevin‘s Ezra Miller and Adam Driver, right?

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St Vincent 

Seeing as it hasn’t been working out for male filmmakers, who’s to say that the next Star Wars project couldn’t be a bit bolder and try out a female musicianSt Vincent is one of many women in the music industry really killing it at the moment with impressive visual work too.

Currently teasing her new album Masseduction and having recently announced she’s set to direct a film adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, a venture towards a galaxy far far away may seem hopeful, but it would provide an other-worldly shake up to a franchise that runs the risk of going stale if we’re not careful.

From the recording studio to the big screen, maybe a color burst of a risk is what Star Wars really needs right now.

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