Taylor Swift is rapping in new song ‘…Ready For It?’, and we’re not sure if we are

With barely enough time to catch our breath since her frankly terrifying return with ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Taylor Swift is here to prove she means business. Now adding rapping to the list of ventures she’s trying, the artist just dropped her second new single, ‘…Ready For It?’

Still worlds away from the days of “Love Story,” the new single is kind of split in two. There’s a catchy, even a bit mysterious chorus. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams you should see the things we do, baby” the infectious chorus reminds us of 1989 classics like “Wildest Dreams,” and even a bit of “I Knew You Were Trouble” from Red in its tone.

And then she starts rapping…

The hopeful chorus is sandwiched between revenge-fuelled verses of Swift spitting lines about Calvin Harris an unnamed ex who wronged her. The song opens with a suitably fierce: “Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him. Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted but if he’s a ghost then I can be a phantom.”

Neither wildly impressive nor wholly basic in its intentions, it’s a difficult one to pin down. The overarching trap beat instrumental sounds near-apocalyptic, not too distant from the dire images teased in the LWYMD video. It’s not exactly encouraging for the tone of Swift’s potential rap career.

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And, right on cue, Twitter isn’t too happy about Taylor Swift’s new musical venture. Reactions range from embarrassed to confused, resulting in outright denial.

But on the bright side, one wise user pointed out that the irrational ‘T-Swizzle’ nickname that entered the stratosphere for some unknown reason now finally sees its purpose. It’s a term that can be put to great… good… well, to some kind of use.

Have a listen to “…Ready For It?” to see for yourself below.

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