adidas is saving Oktoberfest with puke- and beer-repellent sneakers

In prior times, sneakers used to be the shoes that we threw on to go to the gym. The comfortable, forgettable pair that could get dirty and it wouldn’t matter. But things have changed – and you’d better make sure your kicks can keep up, and sometimes, even lead the rest of your look.

Equally important for both work and play, sneakers now need to look the part and pack a punch too. We’ve had the dreamy kitsch Reebok x Lisa Franks, smooth and sweet red velvet-themed sneakers and even hi-tech multimedia viewing kicks.

But with Oktoberfest just around the corner, adidas has released what could be a total gamechanger: introducing the München, a beer- and puke-repellent sneaker made in Germany.

(Photo: adidas)

Oktoberfest is firmly cemented as an international cause for celebration; the (in)famous German beer festival now takes place everywhere and is probably no more than a stretch of a lederhosen away from you right now.

Of course, beer implies spillage and spillage implies lickage stains. So, to welcome the festival without having to sacrifice your look on the way there, the new sneakers from adidas not only look the part, but could provide some really necessary prevention and protection too.

(Photo: adidas)

(Photo: adidas)

(Photo: adidas)

The adidas München boasts a few charming design details: lederhosen-inspired embroidery, inner red and white gingham lining and an intricate gold “Prost” inscription (German for “cheers”). But the real sell here is the durable leather, coated in what adidas is calling “DPBR” coating: durable puke and beer repellent.

This means that while showing off your sneakers in their rich autumnal hues and festive spirit, you don’t have to worry about the festival’s fun taking its toll on your style, as its unique DPBR magic has got you covered, literally.

You can frolic among the beer-fuelled festivities to your heart’s content, and know that at least your shoes will be safe, and able to start fresh the next day – even if you won’t be.

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