The bold beauty of toenail art

There is a sizeable community on the internet expressing a great love for nail art. From elegance to imagination, the hobby celebrates creativity and everything on the artistic spectrum fulfilling every daily need.

Certainly an intricate art form, Instagram accounts show off every detail at the tip of creators’ fingertips. But the lesser-shown set? Dig a bit deeper, go a bit lower and you’ll find it: toenail art.

Artist and photographer Amy Lombard creates a new photo series, NAILS PT. 2, after an inital collaboration focusing on nail art in 2015. Working with nail artist Natalie Pavloski back then and Sonya Meesh now, Lombard fuses photography and nail art to create a staggering series, with foot modelling by Amanda Lanzone.

On her first series, Lombard explains the importance of creating a juxtaposition that is glorious and disgusting simultaneously, in combining extravagant nails and grotesque fast food. A polarizing stylistic touch also seeps into NAILS PT. 2.

The motivation for this new project comes from a desire to explore an equally growing community:

“The work was particularly inspired by women who favor long, acrylic sets on their toenails.

Like any community, they have their own corner of the internet where they come together and if you look hard enough you’ll find amateur photographs of their long extravagant toenails in scenarios ranging from (what I now know is) the go-to pose of bare feet on gas and break pedal, feet covered in food, to photos of more stylized photos in front of silky backdrops.”

Throughout Lombard’s work, an infatuation with strong contrasts, both in photographic methods and in subject matters, is key. In NAILS PT.2 this translates in the range of concepts and contexts showing off the toenail art.

Flirting with food and kneading the rubble, the series shines a light on the highs and lows of a bold, bright and brilliant art form. You can discover more of Amy’s work on her website, and the full series below.

All photos by Amy Lombard

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