Is the ‘vagina highlighter’ really as awful as it sounds?

Is this it? Has the world finally gone mad? We’re pretty sure that this is neither style nor fashion, and Coco Chanel would be pretty furious to hear about the latest trend everyone’s talking about: the vagina highlighter.

Let’s break this down. If you’re not a well-versed cosmetic fan, a highlighter is a product intended to help achieve definition and a dewy glow, as if you’ve just moisturized your skin. Usually comfortable around your cheekbones, eyes and Cupid’s bow.

The vagina is the private female part that we keep being told what to do with.

For some reason, downstairs female grooming has been a conversation that everyone feels the need to join — How do you trim it? How often? Why does yours look like that?

And past personal preferences, a worrying new wave has seen companies start more initiatives telling us to actually put things on and in it. As if people’s unwelcome opinions weren’t enough.

V does not necessarily stand for vagina

But The Perfect V is actually one of the pioneers of the proud profession of makeup for intimate lady parts. And part of their range includes a “vagina highlighter”, to the great dismay of the internet. Certainly upstaging MAC in terms of niche cosmetics.

But after we all had a brief dreadful shock, it turns out that the V in the ‘Shades of V Very V Luminizer’ doesn’t actually encourage users to insert the product into their private parts as we feared. It turns out that the whole range is geared towards the area just around it.

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Avonda Urben, founder of The Perfect V, has explained that her products have nothing to do with hair removal, lubrication, or any of the nasty chemical manoeuvres that have popped up on the internet recently:

“I can see why people would be upset, but that’s not what this is. It’s for the area that you wax or laser or shave or just groom. The V is the pubic area and the bikini line. It’s skin-care for that area. It has nothing to do with the vagina.”

The Perfect V aims to show off the unnamed bikini area as a potential for beauty, straying from the usual problems it has come to be associated with in overwhelming public discussion.

“There are products out there for ingrown hair or red bumps, but the marketing of these products reinforce the idea that this V region is a problem area, not an area of beauty. I felt we could modernize products and make them luxe,” Urben told Allure.

Sadly, although vagina highlighter may be a myth fabricated by online gossip, lipsticks have indeed come before, and glitter-spewing pills were also in the mix of ludicrous products actually financed to go near your vagina.

In case you were tempted to primp your privates, doctors have previously warned against artificial substances and their seriously harmful impact. So how about we keep highlighter to our cheekbones and our respective vaginas to ourselves?

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