7 movies you don’t want to miss in 2017

As we wave goodbye to what has been a difficult year to put it gently, it’s time to look ahead. For all its flaws, 2016 gave us new Harry Potter spin-offs, more Marvel than you could hope for, and some of the best TV to have been seen in years – Black Mirror, we’re looking at you.

The new year only promises to be better – and we’ve rounded up the best picks just for you.

T2 Trainspotting

T2 is the sequel that should have never happened, and yet here we are eagerly awaiting the “where are they now?” from Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie 20 years on from where we left them in Trainspotting.

Danny Boyle directs the sequel to the cult film and promises a fresh, exciting and deeply satisfying follow-up featuring all of our favorite characters with a new itch to scratch. Expect another killer soundtrack, an even more enticing Ewan McGregor and one of the most exciting films of the year. January won’t know what hit it.

La La Land 

The hype has been pretty intense, and for good reason: this is a special one. Wunderkind Damien Chazelle hits straight back after the exhilarating Whiplash with the honestly revolutionising take of the classical Hollywood musical.

La La Land isn’t a parody, it’s not a remake and it’s not a copy. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone co-star in this picture perfect movie of two struggling artists in Los Angeles who fall in love, which will have you dancing all the way home and dreaming about the city of stars for the rest of the year.

The Red Turtle

The Japanese powerhouse of animation, Studio Ghibli, teams up with Wild Bunch in an offering of what is set to be one of the most moving films of 2017. The Red Turtle tells the story of a shipwrecked man’s encounter and then future with, you guessed it, a giant red turtle.

The preview screenings saw audiences leave in tears and cherish images of the movie long after it ended, following its win of the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes in 2016. While we wait for Miyazaki’s grand return (again), find solace and discover a fresh animator in Michael Dudok de Wit with his debut that is set to take the world by storm.

Free Fire

Ben Wheatley seems to have figured out that there ain’t no rest for the wicked as he fights back after High Rise with his new black comedy shoot-out epic, Free Fire. The premise is simple and its execution fantastic: an arms deal turns into a full-blown shootout in a Boston – but actually filmed in Brighton – warehouse.

Showcasing some of the greatest hidden gems to come out of 2016 including Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Brie Larson as well as a hilarious Sharlto Copley, Free Fire has got all cylinders blazing with a fresh and exciting set of new(ish) faces. Watch this space as Ben Wheatley’s slick, smart and sidesplitting comedy gives 2017 the kick it needs.


We have all groaned at every new X-Men spin-off, and some now categorically ban the W word from all future viewings. But, for all his flaws, Wolverine is looking pretty interesting in the first images of Logan.

Set in the near future, Logan shows an ageing Wolverine with a declining healing system, who takes a young mutant under his wing. Alongside Professor X (Patrick Stewart here) they aim to protect the girl and restore peace once more – and maybe for the last time. If the inclusion of the

If the inclusion of the all-timer ‘Hurt’ by Jonny Cash in the trailer is anything to go by, Wolverine is in for one hell of a time. And so is the audience.


Having kept quiet somewhat in the recent past, Natalie Portman is back and on top form as she plays Jackie Kennedy in Pablo Larrain’s Jackie. Focusing on the immediate aftermath of the tragic death of JFK, the movie sees the First Lady at her most vulnerable – and the actress at her strongest.

This intimate and affecting psychological portrait is set to remind the world of both powerhouses that are the late First Lady Jackie Kennedy and international star Natalie Portman. In light of our current political climate and the evolution of women’s screen time and place in cinema, maybe Jackie is the film that we’ve all been waiting for.


Last but not least, it’s the one that we’ve been waiting for since we wiped the tears away after Interstellar. Christopher Nolan brings his passion project to the big screen in a blistering return to cinemas.

Not only does the war film boast golden boys Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, but Dunkirk will go down in history as the movie that gave brit boyband superhero Harry Styles’ first acting role.

The expectations are high but as ever, Nolan’s team is strong. With an original screenplay by the director himself as well as the promise of regular collaborators Hans Zimmer and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, could Dunkirk possibly be the Nolan epic that steals the limelight for another year? Only a 6-month wait until we find out…

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